Cloud computing is a method of delivering IT services that use web-based tools and applications to retrieve resources from the Internet, unlike a direct connection to a server. A single large software purchased today on the premises will become a set of micro-services of many vendors based on common cloud-based infrastructure.

With public services in the cloud, users do not need to buy hardware, software, or support infrastructure, which is vendor-owned and managed by them. From the customer’s point of view, the public cloud offers an opportunity to open new possibilities if necessary, without having to invest in new hardware and software.

As with public clouds, customers can provide their own virtual resources to create, test and run applications, with the option to counter load resource consumption departments. The possibilities offered to the consumer are deployed using a cloud of developed or acquired applications created or purchased by the consumer based on the provider’s programming languages, libraries, services, and tools.

Cloud-based applications are instantly available on mobile devices and have a pre-built integration between communication channels and social networks. But the full power of all major providers of cloud-based services is breath-taking: highly scalable databases, virtual private networks, large data analysis, developer tools, machine learning, application monitoring.

Instead of installing software on a computer or powerful IT staff updating their own server, the software will be delivered and handled exclusively over the Internet. They can be reorganised to focus on more strategic business initiatives, leaving the cloud provider to worry free about scalability, security, working time, application maintenance and system updates.

The users do not manage the basic cloud setup such as servers, OS, networks, storage, and different application functions, except for limited user-specific configuration settings. Companies that provide cloud services allow users to store files and applications on remote servers and access everything over the Internet.