Remember the early days of the Internet, when a few businesses worldwide stubbornly refused to even open an online page for their professional activities, “because our clients don’t go online”? Well, apparently not much has changed since then. Many small companies remain exactly that, ie. small, because they acknowledge that they need on online presence, but they do nothing with it or lack the vision to “live” online, with their social media profiles remaining empty or a good approximation of that, or their official sites frozen in time, unmoving since the day they first went live.

This page aims to change that. With our knowledge, passion and expertise our goal is to provide you with the information and the instruments to improve the perception of your brand: what makes a good online identity? How is marketing different from digital marketing and why is it important to tell the two apart? What kind of online service are out there, and how can they be used to the advantage of one’s organisation?

All these questions will be answered here. What’s more, these strategies are not just aimed at professionals and their firms! These skills can also help the average Internet user to avoid the pitfalls of the World Wide Web, so one knows exactly what kind of pages and companies are there just to have us lose time (and money): for instance, we’d like to open the readers’ eyes when it comes to choosing a digital offer over another. Sounds good?

So sit back, bookmark this page and get access to this collected information now: and feel free to get in touch for more content about the world of digital corporate identity.